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  • 8th fundraisers

  • Tuesday, October 4 at 7 PM

  • HOW to quickly cover a workbook with contact paper!

  • Congrats to our GIRLS ON THE RUN TEAM for completing the 5K

  • John S. Burke Catholic High SChool

  • congratulations to our kindergarteners for moving up to 1st grade

  • DOn't forget to buy your shop Rite cards

  • SJS Bits of Broadway makes the news

  • Cardinal dolan visited st. john's!

  • About the parishioner verification form

    Our regional school board has asked each Catholic family to submit a signed "parishioner verification form." Fr. George would like to have a brief individual meeting with parents who are parishioners of St. John's and whose children are in St. John School (it's a good opportunity for him to get to know everyone!), at which time he will sign the form. If you have a Google account and would like to make an appointment online, click here.

    Once you're in, click on any block that says "SJS parents." Blocks are fifteen minutes each, though you're welcome to as much time as you'd like.

    If you're not on Google, please call the parish office during the week, and Barbara or Laura will be able to make an appointment for you.

    Remember, this is for those who are parishioners of St. John the Evangelist Church. If you belong to another parish, even if your children are in St. John School, please meet with your pastor to have the form signed!

    Parishioner Verification Form

  • Golf Club is back - contact Teresa Giordano for information

  • October Lunch Menu

  • 2016-2017 Event Calendar


    Volunteers needed Thursday nights. Please call the office if you can assist.  845-294-6434


    St. John School follows the Goshen Central School District regarding closings/delays, etc. Information will also be posted to the St. John School website, broadcast over the WHUD radio station as well as posted to the WHUD Storm Center.

  • CONGRaTULATIONS TO OUR fabulous 8th Grade graduates

  • Follow what our 5th Grade is following

  • SJS online uniform store

  • Safe Environment Program

    All class parents, coaches , yard duty helpers and lunch helpers who have not submitted their background checks and have not viewed the Safer Spaces video must do so immediately to have access to helping out in the classrooms. 

    The backfround check form must be submitted to the school office. After submission of this form, you may go online at www.archny.org (http://www.archny.org/) click on the Pastoral tab, scroll down to Safe Environment Program, then scroll down to online “Safer Spaces.” Here you can view the video, answer a question and print out a confirmation of attendance. This must be sent to the office for our records.  All volunteers must complete the Safe Environments Program.