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  •     Theater arts PROGRAM

    Want to ...

    Run Lights or Audio/Visual?
    Build and paint sets and secenery?
    Work hard and have fun?

    Theater Arts Program
    Monday, November 28th
    2:30 in the SJS Cafeteria
    Open to students in Grades 2-8

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  • Start making your plans now!

    The 2017 dates for Camp Veritas have been announced!  Registration opens January 1st!  Click below for more information.


    Clare Heppes, a seventh grade student at St. John School, has this to say:

    I didn’t know what to expect because I hadn't ever been to a sleep away camp before. I was a little nervous but it turned out to be very fun. I didn’t miss my parents as much as I thought I would because we had something going on all day long.

    I liked being with my friends and making new ones, too. I liked that we got to learn a lot about God. The food was great and it was great living in the college dorms at MSMC. The Sisters were fun - they taught us how to juggle and they played basketball with us.

    Going to camp gave me the time to focus on God. We got to go to Mass and adoration every day. The music and the songs that we sang also brought me closer to God because they made it easier and more fun to pray.

    The activities were fun, especially swim- ming. The evenings were fun when we got to hang out on the soccer field. You could play soccer, laser tag, dodge ball, volley ball, fris- bee, etc.

    Another SJS seventh grader, Christina Zick, writes:

    I was excited to go to a sleep away camp, but worried about how I would survive away from my family. I worried it would it might be bor- ing or too religious for me. I was surprised how well fun and prayer were balanced. We went to Mass, rosary, adoration, and religious talks every day. The religious sisters and priests played games and ate meals with us. We played kickball, soccer, dodgeball, laser tag, and went swimming. I made many new friends. Adoration helped me to feel close to God. I had a lot of fun at Camp Veritas and would highly recommend the experience. 


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  •    About the parishioner
           verification form

    Our regional school board has asked each Catholic family to submit a signed "parishioner verification form." Fr. George would like to have a brief individual meeting with parents who are parishioners of St. John's and whose children are in St. John School (it's a good opportunity for him to get to know everyone!), at which time he will sign the form. If you have a Google account and would like to make an appointment online, click here.

    Once you're in, click on any block that says "SJS parents." Blocks are fifteen minutes each, though you're welcome to as much time as you'd like.

    If you're not on Google, please call the parish office during the week, and Barbara or Laura will be able to make an appointment for you.

    Remember, this is for those who are parishioners of St. John the Evangelist Church. If you belong to another parish, even if your children are in St. John School, please meet with your pastor to have the form signed!

    Parishioner Verification Form